8 Best Logo Design tips/techniques

Logo design plays a vital role for any brand or company to make or break its business of a company can make or break its business vision. A well-designed logo can establish a new brand and also help a running organization to build rapport with the customers. Other than an imperfectly created logo fails to communicate a brand nature and ultimately harms business.

Avoid using multiple colors use a maximum of 3 Colors

A Logo should always neat and clean as it’s not only a piece of design it is also a brand communicator for the entire media. Using more color can distract your user’s interest also it’s very hard to create its chemistry with other media like printing and web display. Using less color will make your logo more prominent.

Use simple and avoid sharp edges / cursive fonts’ type

Uses of your logo can be in any size from bigger in hoarding to smaller in Ads, especially for the newspaper ads. Sharp edges font type can decrease the visibility of your brand also we shouldn’t use more than 2 font’s type.

Compatible with Black & White Background

Always create a reverse type of your logo (white on black & black on white). It’s better if the colors and font type we use should be in contrast on white & black background.  If your logo suffices the given purpose it’s a well created Logo Design.

Stick to two-dimensional design

Your logo can either be two or three dimensional. But it’s recommended creating 2D Logo for beginner always. First, it’s easy to conceptualize if compared with 3D design. Also, it helps us to understand the process of logo designing.

Create a vector logo

The logo should always be in vector format as we discussed earlier that the uses of your logo can be anywhere right from giant size hoarding to a one columns newspaper ad. The best part of vector design is that most of the beginners wouldn’t aware as it doesn’t have a size limitation, means its pixels would not affect if we increase or decrease its size at any level. It will not affect its pixels. Other than bitmap format has a limited size. We will have in length discussion on Vector and raster Graphics in our future topics.

Avoid using shadow, bevel, gradient, or emboss techniques

There are N numbers of techniques which can make our design more beautiful and attractive but it’s hard or sometimes impossible to reproduce it on a various medias like screen printing, foil stamp printing & embroidery as it is unable to support gradient& shadow. Even the premium signages like ACP board doesn’t support it. The only process which supports all kinds of colors and effects is Digital printing but it has its own limitation.

Avoid using photos

As we already discussed the bitmap/ raster images for its limited resolution and photos supports the same format, so we should do avoid using photos in Logo Design.  Also, it doesn’t reproduce well in many media like hoarding, many parts of sublimation/heat transfer printing, embroidery for T-shirts, etc.

Best Software for Logo Designing

There are many free tools online and offline to create Logo of your choice. You can take help of them to create some basic designs. But it all has some restricted features which won’t allow you to do experimental design. We Designs recommend Corel Draw (any version) and Adobe Illustrator (any version) as the best vector Logo Designing tool which is capable enough to suffice your entire designing requirement.

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