Here we offer 10 most effective ways to Market Your Brand:

According to We Designs, The Challenging aspect that a small business or startup will encounter to Advertise or market their Brand is not only Low budget.  Unless you are not spending most of your capital into some irrelevant activities or on Some Marketing agencies who are not giving a fruitful result from a long time. You have to find out the most powerful ways to market the brand even in a limited budget.

Create a Website

We all spend hours and days and months in creating our website and managing its content to achieve the best result. At the starting time, it’s actually frustrating to gain the interest of people or you can say traffic on your website.

We need to be patient and understand the truth that it’s not a single day task at this point of time we are on the awareness stage and the ultimate goal would be accomplished through step by step process by doing research of our competitors websites. Yes, it took long but if it does it in a proper way, by a month or so it shows us the proper result.

Content is the King, we always listen or read this phase in our world, but this time we actually need to take this term seriously the content you create should be helpful as well as educational, with the goal for individuals to know about you and your offerings. This Technique can works as a puller to clients with the goal that when they are ready to buy your services or products, they will give preference to your brand rather than your competitors. Some other important things which can’t be avoided is the prospective lead generation.

According to the survey approx. 95% of traffic on your website is not coming to purchase, to convert this traffic into a real purchase we need to focus on Search Engine Techniques.

Search Engine Optimization

People never be aware of new brands and what they offer. Unless you are a big brand like Facebook & LinkedIn It’s actually a customized SEO technique through which we direct the relevant traffic/ Persons to our website. It is through the right keyword that is used by current and future customers to find the services or product relevant to you.

Social Media Promotion

If we talking about the Indian market 70% of people is a part of social media and they use it in their regular life. And these numbers are increasing every minute. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, and lots more. Competition between these platforms is also very much high. But what makes them the brand today is the uniqueness of the services they offer. You can choose among them according to your users rather than get mastering in all.

Uniqueness into the Brand

As we have already spoken about how important your product uniqueness. There are n numbers of brands in your local city that offer similar services like you. Through your unique product only you can give reason to your customer that makes them search you among your competitors. Showcase your brand on a site where most of your target audience usually visit at least once in a day can increase your brand recall value. As next time where ever they saw the logo or brand name, they can visually recreate it. Tagline/ jingles are another way to put the brand in long remembrance. Like “Hamara Bajaj”, ”2-minute noodles” etc.

Valuable Content Creation

Great content gets appreciation every when even with Google too. Infographics, blogging, Video ads are some mediums through which you can promote your brand through this marketing method. You will not only be getting traffic on your site but also generate revenues and put your brand into a different level. If you think you are not the right person to produce content yourself believe me you are not alone. In fact many business owners reluctant about doing it my own. To overcome the situation we can rely on some professional content writer or web designer because they have better command into the field, they create it new and sometimes spin old content into an improved version.

Influencer Marketing

Influence marketing is also one of the most effective ways to promote your brand as it used by most marketing or Advertising agencies and also suggested by 70% of marketing experts. To put it in practice and achieve the better result you can make use of endorsement and reviews from the reliable source, brand and experts and even from social media post.

Linked-in Engagement

We have previously talked about the importance of posting your content on social media outlets, blogs, and other websites. One more important name in the list is LinkedIn, an incredible site, if given right effort it could come up with multiple unexpected types of benefits. Even It’s designed as a professional platform for Employers as well as Employees. It achieved some extraordinary popularity in the past 5 years. The numbers had so much to do with the fact that large no. of professionals connected with the tool as they share useful and interesting information, product and services here.

Engagement by Helping others

To lure your client by offering useful information is an advisable way of marketing, it can increase your brand awareness. The most influential and well-used tool is Education it can not only promote your brand but also offer you a positive ground to grow with your liable audience. You can do it through Free Classes, Online webinars, Podcast or some Open Event which free to all. Also, offer some useful section like a FAQ on your page where people come and get the information. Customer Service section should also be on the active mode as if customer confused anywhere they can get instant assistance rather than leaving the page and going to your rivals.

Offer Freebies with Brand Logo

While it doesn’t exactly qualify as a giveaway, Dominos really caught our attention here with their Buy 1 Get 1 offer. It’s the best-known fact that customers feel more incentivized and valued when they receive free gifts. It’s the process to build brand awareness and connect with potential customers by offering small presents –at least once in a while. It also doesn’t have to cost you much, as free eBooks, for example, are a great way of achieving the support you’re looking for. Other examples include pens, key chains, fridge magnets, coffee mugs or even small journals. Social media is another platform on which you can advertise and promote products, offering discounts or sample products in exchange for honest reviews. Don’t forget about how appealing challenges can also be for increasing brand awareness and making people feel involved in your growth.

Low Budget but Strong Branding Options

Finding out the branding & marketing type is actually a tough task as it involves a huge budget to go with as getting the best and economical marketing way is the way to accomplish it. Like choosing newspaper insert/flyer rather than going with newspaper ad. Branding on a hydraulic van which you can move anywhere according to your need rather than going with a static hoarding location. Human branding / Backlit moving boards itself a better option to go with. To begin with, it’s important to separate your brand from others, even when first starting out. To get your name and goal noticed, select a logo which highlights your business, products or services, and connects to your target audience. It’s important to also consider using colors, styles, or shapes which mean something to you, as every single detail will work together in creating who you are.


We have presented the 10 most effective for your brand marketing. We understand there may be a lot to go with or that you may have already made the few steps in the right direction. But if you are able to manage your brand using the above tool it helps you to grow your business in a constrained budget.

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